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We have lost Nacus to League of Legends, hoping that a new mmo comes out fairly soon that will have the clan back together causing chaos once again. If any one has any ideas let us know! Tried going back to wow and that was brutal….so no wow.

Once again Clanbert has made a happy fan, although our most recent fan was slightly confused and thought that WVW was a roleplaying area. Although I will admit he played the role of “bitch” quite well and seemed oddly familiar with the role.                   Not only was […]

A few hours before server rest we were out wrecking havoc and flipping camps. The Clanbert emblem is still going strong and flying proud in WvW. Sadly this match up was mainly zergs on their end so it was not that fun of a week. While we at Clanbert are all out about PVN (Player […]

Clanbert has joined with ARES on the Dragonbrand server for everything PVE. The Clanbert tag is still going strong in WvW. Check out ARES here.

While we have joined with ARES you will still see the Clanbert flag above objectives and putting an end to roleplayers (you know the idiots dueling by the windmill).

With the recent random match ups Dragonbrand has continued to stay in the lead. With one match set back behind us we are back in first place. How ever the maps are becoming stale, it is time for GW2 to add larger wvw maps with focus on small group play. Would like to see objectives […]

Last week we, Clanbert and Dragonbrand came in first place and moved from red to green. This week is looking to have the same results as the server is stomping our opponent’s.

For the last month Dragonbrand has been in first place for all of it’s world vs world matches. Today Dragonbrand and Clanbert are moving up to T2.             Next stop T1

  Clanbert is located on the Dragonbrand server. Dragonbrand has been rocking WvW!

Clanbert is active in GW2

February 7th, 2013

Clanbert can be found on the Dragonbrand server, where we have been active in wvw and pve content. If you are looking for a fun casual guild who enjoys helping each other out and has a focus on both pvp and pve then look no further.